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LP: Season III Finale

We're nearly 200 episodes into Let's Pray and we have over 200 reasons to praise God! Join Pastor David Franklin as we wrap up this season by revisiting some dynamic guests!

LP: DeVon Franklin & Meagan Good - Love and Faith in the Industry

When you're involved in the movie industry, love is common but faith is not. How does one maintain both love and faith in a secular environment? DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good will share their thoguhts on faith and love in the movie business!

LP: Be Our Guest - Never Praying Alone

With seven billion people walking the earth, how is it that so many of us feel so alone? Well here's a beautiful promise - seven billion people, one God, and he promises to be with us all! The guest chair's open for you on this edition of Let's Pray!

LP: Be Our Guest! - God the Father

There are some people who travel this world with a father-sized hole in their hearts -- emotionally wounded from the need for a fatherly presence. We invite YOU to be our guest, as we highlight God's presence in our lives!

Renew Your Life: Day #10 - Loving Supremely

Many people have written books on it. Others have lost their lives because of it. Who knew that a four-letter word could change the lives of billions? That word is LOVE. The finale of the Renew Your Life: 10 Days of Prayer experience begins!

Renew Your Life: Day #9 - Acts of Kindness

It's the second to last day of the Renew Your Life: 10 Days of Prayer experience! David is on-location at Forest Lake Church in Orlando, Florida, and Kandus and Pastor Derek continue their study of 2 Peter 1. This program's topic is Acts of Kindness.

Renew Your Life: Day #8 - Growing in Godliness

We can grow into clothes and grow deeper in love, but how do we grow in godliness? Kandus and Pastor Derek continue their study of 2 Peter 1, and David is back on-location at Patmos Chapel in Winter Park, Florida!

Renew Your Life: Day #7 - Patient Perseverance

It's never a happy experience when you're at the end of your rope, but we can be patient and persevere when we know God is lovingly holding the other end! Pastor Derek, Kandus, and Pastor David return for Day 7 of Renew Your Life: 10 Days of Prayer!

Renew Your Life: Day #5 - Knowing God Fully

Strong, athletic, 14-year-old boys are not supposed to die in their sleep. So imagine the shock that Alicia Patterson felt when she ran into her son Nathan's bedroom in time to hear him take one last breath! We're in Day 5 of our 10-day experience!

Renew Your Life: Day #6 - Self Control

By now our New Year's resolutions are almost two weeks old. Are you wondering about your self-control levels? Kandus and Pastor Derek have great news about the gift of self-control, and Pastor David returns to the studio, along with a musical guest!

Renew Your Life: Day #3 - Foundation of Faith

This is the third day of the Renew Your Life: 10 Days of Prayer experience! Join Kandus and Pastor Derek Morris as they discuss the theme of Faith, and David continues to host on-location, this time in Westbury, New York!

Renew Your Life: Day #2 - Powerful Promises

Have you ever hear the phrase "do not make a promise that you can not keep?" It's day number two of our 10 Days of Prayer, so prepare to encounter a God who never breaks a promise!

Renew Your Life: Day #4 - Moral Excellence

Many of us are shaped by our beliefs and our habits, but how does God want us to live? Find out as Kandus and guest host Pastor Derek Morris unpack the theme of Moral Excellence. And, Pastor David is live on-location in Bowie, Maryland!

Renew Your Life: Day #1 - Multiplied Grace

It's a new year, a new day, and a brand new chance to renew your life! Join Kandus Thorp, Pastor David Franklin, and special guest host Pastor Derek Morris as they begin Day 1 of the 10 Days of Prayer experience!

A New Year - Let's Pray Returns!

Let's Pray is back! A new year has come upon us, and with it new opportunities to focus on prayer! Join Kandus and Pastor David as they begin the new year with your prayer requests and praises.


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