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LP: Season 4 Finale!

This season we heard story after story of miracles in answer to the prayers of this community! Watch this powerful recap to be encouraged! Also, this was the day one very small but important community member made his television debut!

LP: Born Together & Lost Together

Twin Brothers, Adam & Taariq Patel, were taken to a far country and left to live in homes made of cow manure and without running water. They share their story of deliverance from that captivity, and later from captivity to drugs on this episode.

LP: Victory Day - Where are the Nine?

Testifying and giving thanks is an important act of worship. And there is a special blessing in store for those who take the time to remember God's Goodness. On this episode of Let's Pray, we're dedicating time to express gratitude to our Savior.

LP: Van & SaMonna Watts- Praying for Healing

How do you have faith when your 5-year old son is battling Stage IV Cancer? And in spite of this diagnosis, is it possible to have peace? Van and SaMonna Watts share their story on this episode of Let’s Pray.

LP: Ty-Ron & Bobbie Douglas

What happens when hope turns into sorrow? How do you trust God despite the pain? Is it possible to find joy again? Our guests share their personal journey of discovering that in spite of great loss, God can restore hope and happiness again.

LP: Victory Day - You're Invited

We're acknowledging all of the things that God has done in our lives and in the lives of our global community. On this episode of Let's Pray, we're declaring that it is a day of Victory!

LP: Lola Moore - It Was You

What happens when God says 'No' or 'Wait' to one of your deepest desires? How do you trust God beyond the disappointment? On this episode, Pastor Lola Moore shares her journey in singleness, as well as a song she wrote entitled, "It Was You."

LP: Paul Ronk - Help Haiti Know Jesus

A man is thrown from a plane when it crashed. He not only survived, but he discovered an unexpected purpose that God had for his life. Meet Paul Ronk and hear about this experience, as well as what he's doing to minister to the people of Haiti.

LP: Marquis Johns - From Gang Member to Gospel Minister

He went from living a life of crime and serving time, to dedicating his life to full-time ministry. Meet Pastor Marquis Johns and hear his powerful story of conversion on this episode of Let's Pray.

LP: Victory Day - The Definition of Victory

To be victorious means to overcome an enemy or antagonist. It also means achieving mastery or success against odds or difficulties. On this episode, we shared your stories of victory and answers to prayer.

LP: The Prayers of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King’s speeches were greatly inspiring and encouraging. Equally impacting were his prayers. The man who preached and marched, spent time pleading with God for guidance. Dr. Lewis Baldwin offers insight into the prayers of this influential leader.

LP: Prayers for a Pastor in Prison

On March 15, 2012, Pastor Antonio Monteiro was falsely accused of a crime. Without evidence or trial, he was imprisoned in Togo for 22 months. Believers around the world prayed for his release. He shares his story on this episode of Let's Pray.

LP: Barry Mosier - A Disaster turns into a Blessing

A missionary journey suddenly turns tragic when the plane he's flying in suddenly crashes. However, the obstacle turned into an opportunity to minister to the people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Barry and Keith Mosier share their story.

LP: Victory Day - I will bless the Lord

Psalm 34 says, "I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise will always be in my mouth." It’s Victory Day on Let’s Pray and we dedicated an entire hour to listen to your testimonies, praise reports and answers to prayer.

LP: Season Cromwell - Freedom from Meth Addiction

Season Cromwell was a gymnast, speed skater, and a cheerleader. So how did she find herself addicted to meth? And after living in the grips of that addiction, how did she find freedom, healing and joy in life?

LP: Renew Your Life- Day #10 Pleading for the Spirit

Our Heavenly Father promises that He’ll give us a gift that is better than anything we can imagine, if we ask for it. On Day # 10, Pastor Sam Leonor joins us as we seek for an outpouring of that gift- the Holy Spirit.

LP: Renew Your Life Day #9 Unlimited Power

God's power is limitless, it knows no bounds. So when we pray, "Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power.." we acknowledge that God is ultimately in control, and we want Him to be! Pastor Jennifer Deans brings insight into this topic on Day #9.

LP: Renew Your Life- Day # 8 Victory in Jesus

2014 is young and full of opportunity, and it's not too late to begin your year with God. On Day #8, Pastor Oleg Kostyuk and Sergio Gonzalez join us to help us discover the victory Jesus offers from temptation.

LP: Renew Your Life - Day #7 Clean Hands, Pure Heart

Jesus prayed, "Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors." On Day #7 in our series, Pastor Steve Carlson joins us to take a look at how we can have clean hands and pure hearts.

LP: Renew Your Life - Day #6 Filled to Overflowing

We all have needs, but do we trust God to provide for all of those needs? Pastor Dilys Brooks joins us on Day #6 to help us realize that God is not only able to meet our needs, but God wants to fill our lives to overflowing.

LP: Renew Your Life - Day # 5 Walking in Step with Jesus

When we pray and ask for God's will to be done, how can we be sure that our plans are in line with His? Pastor Derek Morris joins us on Day #5 of Renew Your Life to unpack this topic.

LP: Renew Your Life - Day #4 Kingdom Work First

This is a special 2- hour presentation in our Renew Your Life, 10 days of prayer series. Pastor Wesley Knight joins us to consider our part in fulfilling Christ's prayer, "Thy Kingdom Come."

LP: Renew Your Life - Day #2 Children of the King

Jesus invites us to call His Father, our Father. Those first words in the Lords Prayer should give us confidence in our relationship with God. On Day #2, Pastor Elden Ramirez helps us experience a God who embraces us as children of the King.

LP: Renew Your Life - Day #3 Name Above All Names

We're on a ten day journey through the Lord's Prayer, and on Day #3, we will look at what "Hallowed Be Thy Name" actually means. Pastor Ann Roda tells us why this passage of scripture is so important to our walk with God.

LP: Renew Your Life - Day #1 Secrets of His Power

It's a New Year and a brand new chance to renew your life. This is Day #1 out of 10 prayer programs, and we want you to be a part of this experience. Pastor Michael Speegle joins us to help us with the topic, "Secrets of His Power."

LP: Joe Wheeler- Christmas In My Heart

Imagine one person authoring or collating more than 80 books? Sound impossible? Meet Joe Wheeler, the man behind the popular "Christmas in my heart" storybook series. Find out how he got his start, and how prayer is an important part of the process.

LP: From Serving Time to Making Time

Why would a man who leaves prison, be determined to go back? And how could a man who is sentenced to serve 91 years in prison, live as a free man? Their stories, and more, on this edition of Let's Pray!

LP: Victory Day - Give Thanks!

It's said that praise and thanksgiving are the language of heaven! But with something so good available to us now, why wait? This special hour of Let's Pray is filled with your words of gratitude to God, and your requests to Him.

LP: Keith Mosier- Congo Frontline Missions

The desire to be a missionary took him to one of the most dangerous places in the world. Listen to the story of Keith Mosier, a 25 year old who followed God's call to serve in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

LP: Jonathan & Kathleen Kuntaraf

The sudden and tragic loss of a child is the most devastating experience a parent can face. Meet Jonathan and Kathleen Kuntaraf, a mother and father who received the dreaded phone call that their son had died.

LP: Mission In America

A church grows from less than 10 people in attendance to over 100 when they discover the mission field right before their very eyes! How did they do it and could there be a similar mission field in your hometown?

LP: James Banks- Praying the Prayers of the Bible

Prayer doesn't need to be eloquent or a long list. A healthy pattern of communicating with God can be found in the prayers of the Bible. James Banks talks about the Powerful Prayers of the Bible and how they can revitalize your prayer life.

LP: Elaine Oliver- What NOT to Pray for When Dating

If you're single and in search of a life partner, you may know exactly what you are looking for, and should pray for. But have you ever considered what you should NOT pray for when dating? Elaine Oliver joins us to explore this topic.

LP: Cheri Peters - From Addict to Advocate

At the age of 13, Cheri Peters was pregnant and on drugs. She now joins Let's Pray to share how she was set free from a life of destruction!

LP: Edward Martin - When God Responds

Do you know how to let God guide your life? How can you tell the difference between what you want and what God wants? On this episode, meet Edward Martin - a young man who prayed for guidance and found himself volunteering in Africa for 8 years!

LP: Doug Venn - Missions in Thailand

How do you share the gospel in a place where less than 1% of the population is Christian after more than 100 years of mission work? Missionary Doug Venn joins David and Kandus on this edition of Let's Pray!


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