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LP: Season 5 Finale

This entire season we featured guests from all walks of life with stories about God's power and their journey of faith. For our season 5 finale, we took a look back at some of these inspiring stories. We also shared testimonies about answered prayer.

LP: Kenley Hall - The Gift of Prayer

Professor Kenley Hall was confined to his wheelchair and walker until the day his students offered to give him a special gift- the gift of prayer. He joins us to share a miraculous healing story on this episode.

LP: Frederic Almond - Scarred to Live & Kevin Levar - A Heart That Forgives

At the age of 11, a burglar took the life of his mother, and left him with 39 stab wounds. Frederic Almond lived, and inspite of his pain, he had a will to forgive. Gospel recording artist, Kevin Levar, also joined us to minister in song.

LP: Victory Day - Thank You

Psalm 136:1 says, Give Thanks to the Lord for He is good. On this episode, we express thanks to God for being a protector, provider and sustainer of life.

LP: Tiffany & Jon Aitken - Double Pulmonary Embolism

Tiffany Aitken suddenly collapsed while on a walk with her husband and three chidren. The severity of her condition reduced her chance of survival to 1 in 500,000. But on this ordinary day, God demonstrated His extraordinary power!

LP: Victory Day - Miracles

Each week, we invite you to share your prayer requests with this global praying community and we believe that God has heard those prayers. On this episode, we're praising God for the miracles we've experienced and the answers to those prayers.

LP: Mike Benson - More Than A Conqueror

At the age of 16, he was arrested and placed into a prison cell. What brought this bank robber to his knees? Mike Benson shares his story on this episode of Let's Pray.

LP: Tim Madding - Hope and a Home

A troubled teen on a path towards destruction reaches a breaking point. In need of help, hope, and a home, one act of kindness turns his life around. Tim Madding shares his story on this episode of Let's Pray.

LP: Derrick & Sonya McCollum - Marriage Menders

He was one bullet away from ending his life. One test point changed the course of her life. What brought Derrick & Sonya McCollum together to form a ministry that would mend broken relationships? Find out on this episode of Let's Pray.

LP: Celeste Owens - The Surrender Fast

Find out how a battle with Stage 3 cancer birthed a ministry that is leading hundreds to a more surrendered life. Dr. Celeste Owens joins us on this episode of Let's Pray to share her story.

LP: Pine Forge Academy Choir - Holiday Special

One of the main staples around the Holiday season is music. On this special holiday edition of Let's Pray, the Pine Forge Academy Choir joined us LIVE in our studio with a story to share, and some holiday cheer!

LP: Robert Bakke - Prayer at Full Throttle

Robert Bakke is a jet captain, a race car driver, and a best selling author. In his book, "Prayer at Full Throttle," he states that "Achieving the impossible is not a cliché. It happens each and every day." He shares his story on this episode.

LP: Victory Day - Thanksgiving Special

While many focus on shopping, family gatherings, and all the wonderful food during the Thanksgiving season, the heart of the holiday is gratitude! On this episode of Let's Pray, we paused to thank God for His many blessings throughout the year.

LP: Seren Fryatt - L.A.C.E.S.

Is it possible for a once war-torn country to be transformed through the power of sports? Meet Seren Fryatt on today's episode of Let's Pray, the founder of L.A.C.E.S. -an organization that's changing the lives of children worldwide!

LP: Paul Heflin - God's Deliverance

How did an accomplished vocalist and minister of music abandon a homosexual lifestyle and become a husband and father? Paul Heflin joined us on this episode to share his story about God's deliverance. We'll also be blessed by his ministry in song.

LP: Victory Day - Answered Prayer

On this episode of Let's Pray, we took the time praise God for who He is and what He has done! Hear how God has answered the prayers of our community on our first Victory Day of this new season.

LP: Dr. Rachel Williams-Smith - Born Yesterday

Dr. Rachel Willams-Smith joins us to share her story of a childhood filled with extraordinary restrictions, to now living a life of freedom and purpose.

LP: Bernie Anderson - Breaking the Silence

Pastor Bernie Anderson joins us to pull back the cover on an addiction that is destroying homes and lives across the country. He will share how God helped him gain victory over an addiction to pornography and how he's helping others.

LP: Sherri Ingram-Hudgins - A Hat for Harold

Meet Sherri Ingram-Hudgins on this episode of Let's Pray and find out how a near death experience birthed a ministry that has changed the lived of hundreds of homeless men and women.

LP: Kirstie & Kristie Bronner - Double Vals

Kirstie and Kristie Bronner made history as the first twins to graduate as co-valedictorians, with perfect 4.0 GPA's. Find out the keys to their success on this episode of Let's Pray!

LP: Carl Wilkens - I'm Not Leaving

When the entire world turned away, he chose to stay! Meet Carl Wilkens on this episode of Let's Pray. He's a humanitarian and activist who will tell us why he refused to leave the country of Rwanda during the most terrifying genocides in history.

LP: Maurette Brown Clark - It's Not Over

Singer, Songwriter, Maurette Brown Clark joins us to share her story of God's calling on her life and the music ministry birthed from it.


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