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LP: Season 6 Finale

Join us as we look back at some of the most memorable moments of the season, celebrate answered prayer in the lives of our community, and give you a sneak peak behind the scenes.

LP: John Boston II | An Angelic Encounter

When his car swerved and hit a utility pole, a live transformer landed on the hood and left him trapped inside. Find out how Pastor John Boston was able to escape the burning vehicle.

LP: Jaime Jorge | Medicine to Music

Jaime Jorge felt God's call to leave medical school for a life dedicated to music ministry. Today, his mastery of the violin has inspired audiences around the globe. He shared his story and music ministry on this episode.

LP: Nathan Krause | 440-volts

An electric shock sent 440-volts of electricity through his body. Unable to move or call out for help, he waited to die. Nathan Krause will tell us how his life was miraculously spared, and why he believes the accident changed the current of his life

LP: Victory Day | What's Your Story?

We dedicated the entire hour to receiving praise reports and stories of victory from our community! We also shared the story about a Prayer Café that's making a big impact on the island of St. Thomas.

LP: Taneshia Kerr | Underqualified & Overwhelmed

Taneshia Kerr experienced heart-breaking miscarriages and then became pregnant with twins. Find out what happens when the babies arrive 14 weeks early and weigh only 1.5 pounds each.

LP: Kelli Czaykowsky | F.R.E.E Refugees

Kelli Czaykowsky was content with her quiet suburban life until she discovered a mission field in her backyard. Find out how this wife and mother is helping refugee families in her community.

LP: Dr. James Appel | Living Dangerously

A Physician stares death in the face when he goes to Liberia and encounters the Ebola capital of the world. Dr. James Appel will tell us why he chose to risk his life.

LP: Carol Tamai | Life after Cancer

At 29 yrs old, she was excited about the doors God was opening in her career. Then she heard the words, "You have cancer." Carol Tamai shares a deeply personal journey of hope and healing on this episode.

LP: Victory Day | Perspective of Praise

In Acts 16, Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God while in prison. Their circumstances weren't favorable but they had a perspective of praise. On this episode, we invited callers to share their praise.

LP: The Mercers | A Praying Spouse

A whirlwind romance landed Rick and Cindy Mercer in a marriage that quickly took a turn for the worse. Substance abuse and anger drove a wedge between them. They'll share the main ingredient for enriching marriage and relationships.

LP: Terrence Roberts | Little Rock 9

How do you find the courage to respond to racism with love? Dr. Terrence Roberts is a member of the group that became known as "The Little Rock Nine" -students who integrated Little Rock Central HS in 1957. He'll share his story on this episode.

LP: Dr. Donnell Josiah | Overcomers

After struggling for years in academic failure and shame, Donnell earned a PHD, built a successful career, and wrote the book Overcomers. He'll share how you too can tackle life's obstacles and achieve your most challenging goals.

LP: Celebrating the Joy of the Season

We're celebrating the birth of Christ and the Joy of the Season through prayer, praise, and the music ministry of Paul Heflin, Naomi Striemer, and Rudy Micelli on this holiday edition of Let's Pray!

LP: Greg Darley | Wasted Prayer

Could prayer ever be used as a form of procrastination? Greg Darley joins us as a guest on this episode of Let's Pray to discuss his book "Wasted Prayer: Know When God Wants You to Stop Praying and Start Doing."

LP: Thanksgiving Special

When we think of Thanksgiving, we often think of time spent with family and the wonderful food associated with the season. However, the heart of the holiday is giving thanks. On this episode, we expressed thanks to God for His many blessings.

LP: Dr. Dilip Joseph | Kidnapped By the Taliban

He was kidnapped and held for ransom while doing humanitarian work. On this episode, Dr. Dilip Joseph shares a riveting personal story of terror, hope, and rescue by SEAL Team Six.

LP: Loretta Spivey | A Walking Miracle

A mother, missionary, and marathon runner faces an illness that leaves her paralyzed from the neck down. How did she face the possibilty of living the rest of her life bound to a wheelchair? Loretta Spivey joins us to share her incredible testimony.

LP: Victory Day | Psalms of Praise

The book of Psalms is probably the most widely read book of the Bible and could very well be called the Praise Book because there are many examples of why we should praise God. On this episode, we listened in on praises from our global community.

LP: Jeremy Anderson | Grace Tour

Jeremy Anderson grew up in a Christian home, but found himself entangled in a lifestyle of drinking, smoking, and drug abuse. Today, Jeremy travels the globe as a minister of the gospel. He'll share his story of deliverance on this episode.

LP: Chad Stuart | A Selfish Prayer

One of the questions we face in prayer in whether our petitions are for our own selfish interest, or whether they are to the glory of God. Pastor Chad Stuart joins us to share a personal testimony, as well as provide new insight into an old prayer.

LP: Rudy Micelli | Captive to the Call

A gifted vocalist was on his way to signing a lucrative recording contract, but instead his musical career took a steep turn. Rudy Micelli shares his story and music ministry on this episode of Let's Pray!

LP: Bryan Gallant | Undeniable Pain

A young missionary couple loose both of their young children in a fatal car accident. Bryan Gallant joined us on this episode of Let's Pray to share a deeply personal story about how he and his wife found hope in the midst of their undeniable pain.

LP: Antoinette Tuff | Prepared For a Purpose

One woman's faith and courage prevented tragedy in a school held hostage. Meet Antoinette Tuff on the Season 6 Premiere of Let's Pray! She'll share that her story is not about heroism, but about being God's vessel and fulfilling His purpose for her.


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